Mylion mini dc ups for cctv camera and wifi router.


Mylion mini ups ensure your 5G WiFi router & CCTV Camera never stops!

Mylion Mini UPS systems use the SAFEST battery solutions to offer uninterrupted power supply to the smart electric products. Let your products be smart and workable all times even if AC power is cut off.Mylion Mini UPS systems are widely used for WiFi routers, CCTV cameras, door controls, emergency lighting, vending machines, finger printers and other smart electric products. They’re very welcome by telecom and security companies! Mylion Mini UPS systems can be charged at all the time without risk of fire or explosions. The system has anti-fire plastic casing. Safety is paramount for us.


The 3S are Mylion Mini UPS’s main feature!

Post time: Jun-19-2020