220v2a mini ups with waterproof case

Mylion Waterproof mini ups 220v 2a


Mylion mini uninterrupted power supply(UPS) offer power to electric products when the AC power cut off. Mylion mini ups with small waterproof plastic case, 220V input, 12VDC output, waterproof switch, Work and Charge led indicator. Can be fixed on the wall or celling according to your demand, small size easy be fixed at anywhere. Waterproof design, make it can be used safely even rain.

How to use it?

Connect the AC power with mylion mini ups, connect the mylion mini ups with device, press the switch to on. Charge led blue color mean the ups is charging by ac power, charge led become green mean full charged. Work led green mean the AC-mini ups-device are get through, work led become red mean the AC power cut off.


Mylion 220v 2a mini ups can be widely applicate for cctv camera, ip camera,security access,street lamp,solar lamp etc., and can be used outdoor because of the waterproof case design.

mylion mini ups 220v 2a IMG_6223 IMG_6221 IMG_6225 IMG_6224

Post time: Jul-20-2020