Training in UC Berkeley in May 2019

On April 28, we set foot on the journey of going abroad againThe students arrived in

San Francisco and took time to visit Mozambique before visiting their teachers. 

The Nai exhibition enriched and broadened our vision. 

On the 30th, we were in beautiful Sri Lanka.Stanford University, MichaelBarry,

who designed Jobs’s first mouseThe professor benefited a lot from

explaining solar energy related knowledge


Next, we visited Cisco Internet of Things. It was a greathonor for Cisco.The Chinese national

flag was speciallyraised for our visit. We were very touched. We shared He also

visited Jobs and Silicon Valley’s garage in theearly days of their business,Zhongguancun,

Silicon Valley.The forum and so on, there are many interestingthings in

the middle,waiting to come back.Revisiting the old place


On May 3, a group of our small partners attended theceremony at Berkeley College.BellPeace

Prize Laureate-DanielKam men His Contribution to Solar Energy and Electric

Energy Storage Such as green energy analysiscourses, let us feel that we have been

sticking to it.This is the right thing to do and the prospect is very clear.

It is worth our continued efforts.Develop good things to benefit everyone


In a few short days in the United States, we visited andstudied Stanford, BurtCliff, Cisco,LinkedIn

and Avidaare all top schools and enterprises.Industry, tounderstand the knowledge of the

forefront of the times.Also let’s make more like-minded friends.

believe that we willdo better and better in the future


At the end of the trip, we stopped by for a quiet andbeautiful visitIndiana, which some say is the

real America,with lots of farms,Factories, land sparselypopulated,and California is very

different, and China has notSame flavor


Although the journey is over, it is just beginning for us.What I have learned during this trip will be

helpful to usin our future work.To a certain extent, the next ten years will start from today,

earnest and tough.It is also the spirit of our Li Mai people to make unremitting efforts in

one direction.

Post time: Jun-28-2019